About us

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Our Mission

To reconnect people with nature. By blurring the boundaries between architecture, design and the natural world around us. 

We are a collective of designers, architects and creators.

We create buildings that challenge expectations.

Inspired by natural forms and settings, Urban Blossom designs are always innovative, always unique and always unexpected. 

Ours is an urban design ethos in search of light and tranquillity, modern lines fused with natural forms. Our goal is to blur the boundary between design and nature. 

To create unique experiences. Where you can escape, retreat, and reconnect with nature. In style.

The Company

Urban Blossom have brought together a team of like-minded designers, architects, developers and creators who want to design and build a new kind of sustainable and innovative architecture, a team who want to challenge expectations and create something unique. 

We design, build and install a range of innovative buildings, lodges and retreats. As well as create custom solutions for specific locations. 

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Ivor Kayne

Our founder who began Urban Blossom to create exciting new options for the hospitality, leisure and residential markets.  Ivor wants to reconnect people with nature, in a sustainable and style driven approach with the Urban Blossom designs.  With a background in branding, marketing, design and film, Ivor specialises in creating strong brands and identities.

Specialities:  Branding / Marketing / Sales / New Business

Emma Kayne

Our Head of Design who founded Urban Blossom with Ivor.  Emma has a long history of residential property project management and Interior Design.  She graduated from UWE with First Class Honours in Interior Design.  Emma dedicates herself to delivering striking designs which create a happy space for the clients.   

Specialities:  Conceptual Design, Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Specification 

Edward McCann

RIBA Chartered and ARB registered architect whose innovative designs have featured on Grand Designs and across print.  Edward is interested in developing robust, well considered, environmentally conscious and beautiful buildings which leave clients both satisfied and happy in their new environment.

Edwards believes in nose to tail design in which initial concepts at inception are carried through to their resolution in the details and construction.

Specialities:  Architectural Design, Detailing, Specification