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Urban Blossom offer 360 degree solutions for clients from design to delivery of buildings to planning. Our designs are either fully Building Regulation compliant or adhere to BS3632 standards depending on the type of specification that clients need, which ensures the best quality, safety and legality for clients.

For startups, estate owners, and developers

We partner with modular manufacturers to build and deliver our design-led leisure buildings and lodges, working with estate owners, developers, and private clients to bring both private and commercial projects to life. We also offer consultancy in areas such as associated site acquisition and development, creating a 360 degree solution.

For private clients

Urban Blossom buildings are produced offsite in modular form to the very highest standards and erected / placed with minimal disruption on site.  Whether your Urban Blossom building functions as a home office, annexe, yoga studio or den, our buildings create individual spaces for our clients to create calm spaces where they can connect with nature.  Accordingly we will assist with planning, site preparation and any other areas that are needed.

Exclusive designs for hotels & hospitality

Urban Blossom works with both startups and already established groups in the leisure, hospitality, hotel and residential sectors to deliver exclusive design and build for worldwide sites.

Our distinctive designs create top of the range accommodation for exclusive sites, perfect for maximising returns, creating memorable experiences for guests and the invaluable Instagram moments.


As well as the current range available, Urban Blossom can provide bespoke designs for clients which whilst still adhering to our design ethos and brand principles, these are designed specifically for their intended uses whilst also adhering to clients’ brand requirements.  Spa Buildings, Restaurants, Reception lodges and so on, these can all be designed to create a synergy onsite with the accommodation retreats.

Development consultancy

As well as the design elements we provide, members of our team have a wealth of experience across property, land acquisition, funding and planning. This ensures Urban Blossom can offer 360 degree solutions for our clients.


Urban Blossom can assist clients with planning for the various types of buildings we design – from full Building Planning to Lawful Development Certificates.