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There is nothing more luxurious and liberating than being able to take a dip in beautiful bath set outdoors in the natural landscape. Here we have a round up of our 5 most favourite stylish outdoor baths which the spot in the design stakes.

Clean Lines

This is the Aquatica Monolith Black Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub, and monolithic is definitely the right word. A brazen slab of a bath, It is extremely rare to find a luxury bathtub suitable for all heights, but this model delivers the perfect solution, ensuring both tall and short bathers can soak in style and comfort. Even tall bathers over 6ft who struggle to find the right bathtub can relax in this tub, thanks to the tub’s spacious interior and length of 72.75 inches.

Its also comes with NanoGuard™ – a nanotechnology based sacrificial layer of protection. NanoGuard™ utilizes nanotechnology and tiny particles that form a very fine, thin layer completely invisible to the eye, making the surface water-repellent, resistant to UV, minor scratches and harsh chemicals. Perfect for a year round outdoor bathtub.

Share the Space

For a romantic bathing experience, or filling it tip with the kids, these Copper Baths by William Holland are available for those wishing to create a Spa like sanctuary within their own home or within a sylvan outdoor setting.

Perfect for decadent indoor spaces, or as a luxurious outdoor spa bath the baths are the ultimate experience in bathing luxury.  The square bath comes as a bubbling spa option or as a simple bath, and looks perfect for whiling away the hours with friends or family. The round copper clad version sits beautifully in an outdoor setting.

Minimalist Style

This range for Agape by Patricia Urquiola has a beautiful linear design. Designed for the W Retreat Spa on the island of Vieques in the Caribbean, Vieques, also available in the XS version, aims to reinterpret objects from the past, drawing inspiration from the historic tin bathtubs. Available with a matching sink and in charcoal or white finishes, the units come with clever clip on wooden trays to hold the essentials.

Rustic Tin Baths

The UK based company Diptanks have created a range of very simple tin baths based on the original troughs and stock tanks used on farms. These can be freestanding or buried into a deck or terrace. Just connect up taps and a plug. They have wooden lids available as well to keep the water free of debris between dips. These are perfect for rustic settings.

They also have a version with an attached water heating system fired by an attached Chiminea. A perfect off-grid method, the water circulates by thermosiphon. Cold water from the bottom of the tank is sucked into the bottom inlet of the water tank which starts a steady flow, as the water is heated from the wood-fire within the chiminea, it begins to rise (hot water rises). The hot water enters back into the tank through the top outlet.

Natural Stone

Stones such as granite or Riverstone can be carved into monumental baths with smooth or more rugged exteriors, and from these examples below you can see how spectacular they can look in natural settings. In the UK, suppliers such as Marble Mosaics and Indigenous supply beautiful examples of natural stone baths. Bear in mind their weight though and how they can be placed on site as they will need heavy lifting equipment and a secure base.

A centrally placed freestanding tap frees both ends of the tub for sharing and a luxurious soak.

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